Sambit Patra on Shashi Tharoor’s interview: Rahul Gandhi should be called Rahul Lahori

Soon after Congress leader Shashi Tharoor’s criticism of the Union government on its handling of COVID-19, condition of Muslims and treatment meted to Indian citizens from the Northeast on a Pakistan-based platform, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has rechristened Rahul Gandhi as Rahul Lahori.

The reaction of the BJP leader came after Tharoor’s reported comments at a virtual Lahore literary event.

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Meanwhile, Mr. Sambit recieving members of #GODI Media for today’s prime time

Patra while quoting Tharoor said that the latter commented on Tablighi Jamaat and how they faced bigotry and prejudice and also said that Jamaat event was used to justify open bigotry and discrimination against Muslims. “We ask Rahul, Priyanka and Sonia how unjust is Pakistan against their minorities?” Patra asked.

Shashi Tharoor, according to media reports, also said that India sees the same problem with the people of the Northeast region because they look different. “Do you think these issues to be discussed in Pakistan,” asked Patra.

Are you trying to contest elections from Pakistan? Please respond,” Patra asked.

“We in BJP will start calling him Rahul Lahori and henceforth I too will address Rahul Gandhi as Rahul Lahori. A debut rally for him has already been done in Pakistan by Tharoor,” the BJP leader added.

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