In Pictures: Tokyo’s borderless digital art museum

The Mori Building Digital Art Museum is unlike any museum that you’ve ever seen. This 10,000 square meter space uses 520 computers and 470 projectors to create an experience that will stimulate all five senses. There’s no set course for enjoying this digital art museum, so just let your curiosity and imagination wander, and pick any path to start.

Japan’s premier digital art collective, TeamLab, has created beautiful art installations in Tokyo and elsewhere in Japan that test the boundaries of interactive art, featuring themes such as water, light, and traditional Japanese motifs. Above, Forest of Lamps” digital installation room with hanging lamps which illuminate as visitors near them.

The waterfall appears to run down the wall of a room and across the floor, but the flow is an illusion — a digital exhibit at a new interactive museum in Tokyo. Above, a woman visits a digital installation waterfall room filled with flowers which appear to flow over a rock.

“Forest of Lamps” digital installation room with hanging lamps. The exhibits are designed to flow into one another and interact with each other and the viewer. Some follow visitors or react in different ways when they are touched.

A visitor walks in the “Wander through the Crystal World” digital installation with hanging crystals, in the TeamLab Borderless exhibition at Mori Building Digital Art Museum in Tokyo.

The flower-filled waterfall is the work of Japanese collective teamLab, known internationally for their innovative ‘digital art’ that combines projections, sound and carefully designed spaces to create other-worldly, immersive experiences.

Digital installation of balloons titled “Weightless Forest of Resonating Life” which interacts with changing colours when visitors touch them.

A member of Teamlab poses at the “Forest of Lamps” digital installation room with hanging lamps.

“Black Waves – Continuous” display with waves crashing along the walls in a digital installation room.

A man stands next to a digital installation on a wall which interacts when touched by visitors.

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